What You Can Do

Be active in Student Government

Elected student representatives from Student Government Association serve on the Green Campus Committee and help develop and implement new ideas across campus. These students are the “ears” for the University to hear what students would like to see changed – more recycling, less plastic packaging at the cafe, etc…Student concern spurred Residence Life staff to collect unwanted items at move-out and donate them to charities in need, reducing trash to the landfill by half while helping the community.

Join a club

Cougars Care Club and Eco Club both revolve around environmentally-friendly principles, but every club has the opportunity to do good for the environment. Student Nursing Association organized a reuse of shoes partnering with Soles for Souls. Formula for Life collected surplus used tools to send to Haiti for aid in building an orphanage for which they raised the funds to construct.

Take the lead

Any student can speak to their academic advisor or a professor to develop a sustainability project that will have a positive impact campus-wide, while earning class credit. Some ideas are starting a carpooling resources, constructing a bird sanctuary, starting a composting program with Food Services, or organizing a student gardening program. Physician Assistant Studies conducts an annual Garage Sale to reuse unwanted items while earning funds to support their annual medical mission to Haiti.

Choose a science major

Students majoring in Environmental Science or Biology are often immersed in USF sustainability initiatives through class projects and laboratory work. This year, students in Ecology & Diversity drafted a land management plan for the university.